Top Money Transfer Companies

The list of leading money transfer companies is growing every day.  Some are global well established wire transfer services that can reach almost anywhere on the planet – while others are competitive but only serve select areas. 

Size has little to do with service or cost however – so you'll want to see what options apply to the area/country you're sending money to in order to make an informed choice.


Leading Money Transfer Companies

Western Union

Largest network.

Tops in reliability.

Best brand awareness.

Typically is the most expensive (sometimes significantly higher).


2nd Largest USA wire transfer provider.

Limited / No International network.  High costs.


Free or low cost.

Available everywhere.

Requires your receiver to also have an online account.


Great mix of options.

Low costs – flexible & convenient to use.

Not available in all countries.


Low costs.

Limited model.  Harder to use.


Free money transfers to India.

Limited to India receivers.

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